Chai Latte Spiced Tea Concentrate 500ml
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We love chai, but don't love fake powders or sugary syrups. Theonista's small-batch recipe uses organic rooibos, spicy ginger, cinnamon & other real ingredients to create the perfect balance of sweet, spicy & soothing with every sip.

Nothing artificial or irradiated.


Use with any milk.

No GMOs or preservatives.

Ingredients: Brewed organic rooibos tea, (rooibos, water), unbleached brown cane sugar, spices, lactic acid, (vegan), ginger extract, capsicum extract.

"A core value at Theonista is ‚Äúpeople over machines‚ÄĚ (I.e. skill development/artisan methods & employment over mechanization and mass production). We are 100% female-owned and have a majority female staff with an extremely high retention rate and 100% POC fill our HODs (heads of department/department manager) roles."