About Us

Granadilla Eats is South Africa’s first conscious online farmers' market, with over 100 suppliers and the largest variety of fresh produce available online.

Our focus is to create a feel-good shopping experience for you, while ensuring that all products on our site fit into our moral compass, being:

Humanitarian and Diverse
Making an effort to onboard suppliers that are POC, female, queer and differently-abled. We talk with every one of our suppliers to make sure they run their businesses in a humanitarian manner.

Only using imported goods when there is no affordable local option, making sure that you get what you need at a fair price.

We offer a variety of health products depending on each person's needs and definition of health, including organic, non-GMO, toxic-free, gluten-free, plant-based and many other options.

We are committed to always trying to find the plastic-free option when possible, recycling all our boxes and packaging and using predominantly local suppliers.

We make sure each of our suppliers treat their animals and staff in an ethical way.

Making a feel-good destination for you and mother earth!

We vow to do all the hard work and research so that you - the conscious consumer - can shop on our site knowing that all of your groceries come from a good sustainable place. Our mission is to support South African farmers, entrepreneurs and small business owners. Boosting the local economy and creating a more harmonious community.

We offer two eco-efficient delivery options, standard next day delivery, as well as on-demand, which gets your groceries to you in under two hours.

We're making living conscious easy!

Our Story

Our founders Hannah, Adam, Josh & Calvin created Granadilla Eats in 2020 in a quick response to the COVID pandemic, as well as to create a home for conscious online shopping. With very different backgrounds in food, economics, and retail, they put their best assets together to create a business, which in it's most simple form can help the world be a better place.

Thank you for your conscious, feel-good support!