Wagyu Rump 400g

Wagyu Rump 400g

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More tender than ordinarily expected, wagyu rump is a perfect balance of juiciness with flavour.

"We breed our Wagyu on our farm on the west coast, using 100% Full Blood Wagyu bulls with top genetics. As with our Angus and Lamb, our philosophy is for the calves to be reared with their mothers. This allows the animals to be relaxed and stress free. Our farm has wide expanses, where our Wagyu roam freely, often along our Grass-Fed Angus and Free-Range Lamb. We even allow them to venture into the ocean at our farm. The bays are shallow, allowing our cattle to cool down and enjoy the sea breeze.

We heard our Wagyu on horseback. This allows for a more relaxed environment for our animals, free of noise pollution. We heard our Wagyu back to camp daily to protect them from the elements as well as from predators. We condition our Wagyu in large camps where they have access to flora as well as feed that is produced off our lands. All feed originates from non-GMO products. Our Wagyu and animals are free of routine anti-biotics and growth hormones.

We feed our Wagyu herd top feed produced off our lands. All our Wagyu cattle are certified and registered with the Wagyu Society of South Africa. Originating from Japan, Wagyu is known for its superior marbling, which are the fine veins of fat in the meat. This fat is high in Omega 3 and Omega 6, and is considered a healthy fat. The result is a very smooth, and buttery taste which is unique to Wagyu. Our marbling is consistently around a 6 – 7 count out of 11. We do produce Wagyu with higher marbling counts."