Karak Chai Tea 200g
The Chai Walli
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Servings: 35 cups. Use 1 teaspoon per cup.

Karak Chai is a hot (spicy) tea, brewed with warm, cutting spices such as ginger and cloves. The fresh, locally sourced ingredients are roasted and grinded by hand before being combined with strong black tea leaves, imported from India. The tea is traditionally brewed with milk and sugar, bringing it to the boil a few times before serving and the selected spices leave a warm burn at the back of your throat - an addictive comfort, during winter or summer. The Chai Walli provides instructions online so that you can make the perfect cup at home. 

Storage Instructions: Keep refrigerated to maintain freshness.

Munawwar Tayob started The Chai Walli as a way to finally provide tea lovers with a cup of freshly brewed, spiced chai and put a lot of effort into the raw ingredients I selected, the grounding and roasting and the final method of brewing it the right way