Fresh Grapefuit Juice 250ml
Harry's Juices
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Fresh Cold-Pressed Marsh Grapefuit Juice (250ml).

The Marsh Grapefruit is a Masochist’s dream – its bittersweet taste is an awaking to the body. It is surprisingly sweet and smooth with a light texture and yellow colour. It is a select variety from Bergsoom Farm – trees planted over 60 years ago bearing sweeter fruit.

Harry’s Juice is an investment in your health. It's about connecting to your body through what you put in. Our juices are designed to improve wellbeing using cold-pressed technology and the freshest natural ingredients sourced directly from local farmers. Our orange is sweeter than grapefruit. Both are known for their fresh fruity flavour which is a result of only squeezing the juicy flesh from the fruit and choosing the best quality produce. Each bottle is fresh and must be drank within 5 days.

You can get a R5 deposit back if you deliver the bottle to Harry's Juices store in the Old Biscuit Mill!