Pear Forelle 1kg
Terra Madre
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Approx. 1Kg low-residue Forelle Pears. 

Terra Madre is about a vision greater than us – a mission to genuinely make a difference in society and in peoples’ health, while honouring and respecting Mother Earth – hence their carefully thought out name: Terra Madre.

Our veggies are sourced fresh from small local farms.

We receive them straight from the ground - providing you with the freshest farm to fork ingredients available. Because we aim to support small scale farms, the produce may look a little different than what you would see in a grocery store. Some of our veggies may still have dirt on them, they are not pre-packed in plastic, and are always picked with love. We do not rely on preservatives to keep them fresh, so shelf life may vary.


Please note, images are representative of the produce, but variance may occur.