Dog Food (Chicken) 500g

Dog Food (Chicken) 500g

Happy Hounds
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Treat your dog to Happy Hounds which is a nutritious, ethical and organic food that is gently cooked with love. It is real food, made fresh, all ingredients are ethically sourced and we use no additives, bulking agents or preservatives. 

It is important to us that we not only source the best ingredients but that we use the right ingredients. So, we have worked closely with a well respected vet and we are co-designing the recipe with certified animal nutritionists. 

Each recyclable tub is filled with pasture fed meat, organic vegetables and herbs that are sourced from our local Cape Town farmers, eggs from pasture fed hens and organic omega oils. It is a grain free food.

Happy Hounds, Happy Planet!

Transitioning from pellets to wet food?

If you decide to move your dog to an organic wet food entirely, then it is recommended that you do this slowly. Your dogs digestive system is used to a dehydrated food and so you need to allows some adjustment time. This is a very straight forward process; for at least 7 days, start by mixing 25% new food with 75% old food. Slowly increase the new food proportionately over the next 5 - 7 days until you are feeding your dog 100% Happy Hounds. 

If you want to combine both pellets and Happy Hounds in your dogs diet, try to do one meal pellets and the other meal wet food.

How much do I feed my dog?

This is a question that is asked often and in all honesty, feeding a dog is not an exact science. It all depends on your dog's metabolism, how active he or she is, the time of the year and breed. So what follows here is only a guide and we recommend that you watch your dog to see how they respond to the servings you give them. Adjust if you need to. Your adult dog should be fed twice a day, morning and evening.

For your dog to enjoy their sample of Happy Hounds, simply defrost, heat slightly to soften the natural oils and fats, then serve!