5 reasons to shop local

So what's all this hullabaloo about shopping local?

You've seen the tags, and heard a huge hullabaloo, but why is it actually important to shop local? Here are our 5 reasons:

1. Your fresh produce is actually fresh: When you buy imported fruit and veg often it has to go through a process of being frozen or covered in chemicals to make them last longer while travelling across the world 🌍

2. You're boosting the local economy: *BOOM* 🌈 By supporting South African farmers, entrepreneurs and small business owners more money is kept within the community, boosting the local economy and creating a more harmonious society.

3. You know exactly where your food is coming from: we have daily chats with our farmers and can get the freshest most seasonal produce when it is in it''s prime. 👨‍🌾

4. You're supporting small businesses that really need the support right now: Especially after the year we have had, we believe it is essential now more than ever to support our local brothers and sisters. 💪

5. You are making less impact on the environment: By shopping locally your fresh produce doesn't have to travel across the world, lessening its carbon footprint 

This picture is of Sameena and Abdurahman Kariel who own and run Valota Farm in Philippi, a quick 15 min drive from our warehouse, where we get most of our gorgeous fresh produce! 👨‍🌾